Tracking Lost Android Phones In Realtime | Locate, Ring, Lock And Erase

Submitted by techyboy on Sat, 02/11/2017 - 06:39
Track android phone

Android phones come with default set of security features. One most important feature is to locate a lost or stolen phone. Even if you forget your phone somewhere, just log on to Android Device Manager site with the same gmail credentials from another device to locate your phone, give a ring or even Erase entire data. This is a free service from Android. You can almost see your lost device location with 20 meter accuracy on google maps.

Many third party apps to remotely lock and erasing the device exist in Google Play Store. When some are free apps, others are either annoying, memory consuming and bloating apps. Antivirus companies are offering the same 'locating lost devices' service through their apps which are really good. Always enable 'GPS Location Service' on your phone without thinking about memory consumption. Also Data connection needs to be ON condition so that the Android Device Manager site communicates with your device through either Cellular or Wifi Connection.

Google has recently released Android 7.7.1 update that supports extended image emoji support. Android should include features to receive GPS location of the lost device as sms to predefined Contacts.

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